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Accounting Services in Kiev, Ukraine

Dear Visitors!

Welcome to our website. We hope that the information will be useful to You.

It is not a secret that every head of a business entity chooses a system of accounting himself/ herself. Whether he\she will maintain accounts and submit reports himself/ herself, or employ an accountant (accountant), whether he/she will provide this work to any specialized company or entrepreneur. Regardless of what decision You take, You will still fulfill the conditions of the No. 996-XIV Law of Ukraine "Accounting and Financial Reporting” (art. No. 8, ch.4) from 16.07.1999.

As practice shows, the Subjects of management seek the help of specialized companies in all cases. Why? Do accountant and manager who know how to keep accounts of the subject of management should still involve outside expert to work?
Here is the answer. – No! But…

The owners of business entities very often face the following problems:

  • an overwhelming desire grow their business and limited time to explore the situation in the field of taxation, to make the right management decisions
  • sudden changes in legislation
  • dismissal, vacations or what is the worst sick leave of the principle accountant (as it is hard predict the duration);
  • mistrust of his hired worker (whether a head, manager or accountant)
  • the need of oral or written consultations in the controversial issue
    the need to restore the account.
  • The list is endless. But we will not waste your priceless time on it.
  • Let’s focus on our services.

A full range of accounting services:

  • accounting for national provisions (standards)( including staff and tax accountings
  • accounting for the management by objectives (including staff and tax accountings)
  • transformation of financial statements ( acc. to MBO)
  • restoration of accounting
  • organization and control of accounting
  • financial analysis of the enterprise etc.

Legal services:

  • registration or re-registration business entities
  • obtaining of allowing documents
  • disputes with contractors and government agencies


  • legal and regulatory consulting
  • tax consulting
  • accounting consulting according to national provisions and MBO

Our work is based on the following principles:

Honesty. We always stick to this principle in dealing with clients regardless of a reward or any other factors. Respect of customers is the most important thing for us.
Objectivity. We do not prejudice our customers. They are very important for us. We fairly assess our work without posing any problem and without overstating prices.
Responsibility. We always fulfill our job in the best way. Every task is made by our experts who have already had practical experience in this field.
Professional competence and approach. We know how to use theoretical and practical skills in the work and we do not start the work which we are not sure to succeed.
Confidentiality. We do not divulge the customer information received in the course of working without his/her agreement. Confidentiality of the information is protected by the terms of the contract.
We employ educated and highly skilled experts. All work is being verified by the heads of departments on the subject of the quality of its execution. Thus the results are the best.

We are responsible for our work due to the contract. We value our reputation, thus we value results, not time.

And what about prices?! The outsourcing price is two and three times cheaper than a hired worker’s salary, who takes sick leaves, has vacations and pays taxes from the salary. Not mentioning the fact that he/she should be provided with all working conditions. If You choose us, You will have all services and qualitative work on time.

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