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We have been working in the market of outsourcing services for all types of businesses since 2009. We started our way with a group of qualified accountants who work as entrepreneurs at first. Today we have the experts in accounting and auditing, law and securities in our working team. We have passed many trials during our work and managed to find just such a number of specialists whom you can rely on in any situation. We know how to raise business, how to make a team work efficient and achieve results.

Our experts constantly improve the level of their skills, read seminars, participate in audits of state agencies. We forge ahead and develop to be useful for You.

Petenko Yuliya Viacheslavovna

Maintenance and restoration of accounting expert. 10 years of work experience.
Work experience in all tax systems, commercial and non-profits organizations.

Deals with tax planning, tax consulting, the organization of work of accounting services. Holds seminars for managers and accountants of business entities for accounting, introduction of forms of management accounting and making effective management decisions.

Posokhova Inessa Olegovna

Accounting of asset management companies expert. 18 years of work experience.
Work experience in Issuer securities report generation, accounting in State Commission on Securities and Stock Market, project development of financing the construction of non-residential and residential real estate, creation of venture capital funds, emission project registrations in the State Commission on Securities and Stock Market, achievement of standards for funds. CAP " Certified Accounting Practitioner” certificate and Specialist in Asset Management certificate.

Peshchera Nadezhda Nikolaevna

Accounting and auditing expert. 7 years of work experience. The following certificates: specialist in customs clearance of goods certificate issued by the Ukrainian Association of Customs Brokers; A Series Certificate of audit of Ukraine; CAP " Certified Accounting Practitioner” International Certificate. Work experience in tourist, advertising and construction activity. Holding of seminars, advisory articles writing.

We have had no complaints about the low quality and unqualified work by our customers during our work period. There have been cases when clients hired a full-time accountant, having the idea that a staff accountant is much more effective worker than an out-of-staff one. But nevertheless they came back to us. Because a full-time accountant does not mean to be diligent, responsible and qualified.

We serve customers who have the staff of accountants. For these clients we provide services to the organization and control of the accounting department.
We inform them of any changes in legislation in time and control qualitative performance of the responsibilities of each employee.

As You may see, we can be very useful. If You wish to work with the professionals we are waiting for you in our office: Contacts
or call us : (044) 361 33 41; (067) 224 89 96; (094) 926 03 41

All your terms and wishes concerning cooperation will be considered and incorporated!


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